Who we are and what we stand for

Founding idea

Life-changing medicines

Mercurna was founded in 2017 with the goal to develop truly life-changing medicines.

We consider medicines life-changing if they deliver a cure where previously unavailable, or when cure is not possible, radically improve the quality of life.

There are currently still many indications with such a great unmet medical need. Interestingly, many highly prevalent diseases have closely related pathological mechanisms, such as incorrectly handled inflammation, over-production of reactive oxygen species, often due to loss of homeostasis.

Based on this similarity, we have designed a modular nanomedicine that can be adapted for a multitude of diseases with ease. It is our aim to use this platform-technology to bring as many highly valuable drugs as possible to the patient.


Our Principles

Patient first & Scientific excellence

At Mercurna, we love the thrill of new discoveries and out-smarting the worst nature throws at us. We enjoy continuously working on our idea until it is perfect and only then it is good enough for patients.

In the whole development process, from drawing board to clinical trials and everything in between, we keep the patient in mind. We believe that this will yield the best drug, which is the highest goal for us.

We are determined to stay honest and act honorably and always put patients first.

People may see our believes as naive and expect us to throw them overboard in the process. However, we are confident that our morals will not stand in our way of maintaining a profitable business. Because at the end, what is best for the patient, is likely also best for our company.


Our vision

Precision medicines for all

We firmly believe that every individual has the basic human right to live life without limitations of disease. Therefore, we aim to provide patients with new treatment options that add true value and allow them to break free from those limitations. We will not rest until we have the best medicine possible.

Our technology is very well suited for the treatment of diseases with a strong inflammatory component. We focus on modulating tissue environments to re-establish homeostasis.

If/When our first product makes it to the market and Mercurna becomes profitable, we aim to re-invest as much as possible in the further development of this and other precision medicines. This way we anticipate to build a sustainable business that keeps on providing society with truly valuable medicines.