Learn why Mercurna is the place to be for you

Working at Mercurna

.. to do great science and improve human health

Are you a passionate scientist with a desire to build life-changing medicines? Do you have innovative ideas about targeted medicines, therapeutic mRNA or novel disease targets? Do you want to explore the vast opportunities of a new type of medicine?

Then Mercurna might be the place to be for you!

The modular nature of the nanoparticle drugs that we are building at Mercurna allows you to test innovative therapeutic concepts quickly and explore new molecular targets, without the need to re-design or re-test other parts of the system. The research engine that we are setting up supports short timelines and rapid innovation cycles.

Our organization allows you to take the lead in your project and affords ample opportunities to develop your career within our rapidly growing company. 

Join us, in our pursuit of the next life-changing medicine!

Learning at Mercurna

.. about science, entrepreneurship and drug development

Do you want to learn more about nanomedicine? Do you want to learn how to develop new drugs? Are you curious about the newest techniques being used to develop life-changing medicines? Are you wondering about the differences between academia and industry? Or are you even considering starting your own science-based company in the future?

Then, Mercurna might be a good place for you to learn!

As a science-based company, we are striving to develop the best medicines. Therefore, we continuously look for and work with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art knowledge in nanomedicine. Through your own project and your interaction with other team-members, you will learn all about this.
As being a small company, our inner-workings are quite visible and our decision process democratic. Doing your internship at Mercurna, you will be submerged in the pharma-business scene and see many different aspects. A good opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and possibilities for your own career.

Join Mercurna for your MSc internship and learn about science, entrepreneurship and drug development from a dynamic, young and approachable team.

No positions currently available at Mercurna

Currently we have no open positions, but you are welcome to send an open application to 

Internships at Mercurna

Internship opportunities for MSc students

Around mid 2024, we would have new opportunities for (graduation) internships within our company. Your daily activities would include formulation of mRNA and its transfection into mammalian cells followed by read-out of protein expression by specialized assays (e.g. luciferase assay), Western blotting or microscopy; and assessment of any toxic effects. Furthermore, you would be involved in determining the therapeutic potential of mRNA-formulations in disease-related cell models or animal tissues by measuring the effect on clinically relevant parameters by ELISA, microscopy or flow cytometry. Your results will contribute to the development of new targeted mRNA-based drugs with higher potency and less side-effects.

Please contact us for more details and possible starting dates.