Mercurna upgrades cell-culture facility

To facilitate current and future target-identification, target-validation and formulation activities, Mercurna has upgraded its cell-culture facility to a next level. The installation of new equipment, including a class IIa biological safety cabinet, will expand Mercurna’s capacity and will bring the facility in line with ML-II safety regulations. 

The new setup will be used to support the progression of mCura1, Mercurna’s current lead-formulation for Chronic Kidney Disease, by allowing the use of a broader range of cell lines, tissues and other biological materials. “Using more advanced cell models for the kidney will accelerate the development of our lead-formulation and might provide a better prediction about how the formulation will behave during later application in patients”, according to Mercurna’s CEO Sander van Asbeck.

He also calls the upgrade a “welcome addition to Mercurna’s suite of drug development capabilities and a testament to the team’s resourcefulness in challenging times”. “We will continue our mission of providing patients with chronic inflammatory diseases with much-needed therapeutic options”. The new facility is expected to be fully operational in the coming weeks.