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Our lead formulation, mCura1 consists of 2 components; 1) the mRNA as the blue-print for therapeutic proteins, and 2) the peptide as the delivery vehicle. Our lead peptides (peptide 1 in green) are derived from endogenous human proteins (red), which reduces the chance of immunological reactions. These inherently safe peptides were selected for their ability to bind and encapsulate poly-nucleotides, such as mRNA. Once encapsulated, the mRNA is protected from degradation by enzymes in the blood and activation of immunological reactions directed against poly-nucleotides is prevented. Next to the ability to complexate poly-nucleotides, our lead peptides are able to bind receptor proteins on cells unique for a given organ. This targeting behaviour ensures maximal delivery of the therapeutic molecule to the intended place and minimize any side-effects. Based on our knowledge of the peptide-receptor interaction, modifications that enhance the selective binding are currently being investigated.