mRNA-based therapy

Mercurna is a Dutch biotechnology start-up that develops messenger RNA (mRNA)-based medicines. To that end, we are continuously perfecting our platform technology which combines unique cell-targeting ligands, with a proprietary lipid-based delivery vehicle to deliver engineered mRNA with high efficiency and high specificity to the diseased tissues. We leverage this platform in our pursuit of various life-changing medicines.



Chronic kidney disease

Novel formulations derived from this platform are particularly suited for (chronic) inflammatory diseases as it leaves non-target organs and locations unaffected, preventing the side effects associated with contemporary immunosuppressive medication. To prove the value of these new and targeted therapeutics, Mercurna is initially focusing on the development of mCura1 as a candidate treatment for inflammation in the kidney. As such, mCura1 will be suitable for various kidney diseases underlying chronic kidney disease.


Expanding our targets

With mCura1, we are determined to deliver first-of-its-kind precision medicine for chronic kidney disease. Success in this disease area paves the way for application of our technology platform for other (chronic) inflammatory conditions in other organs.